About The Show

Raw food is awesome and it's something we wanted to share. So we created this show called Starting Out Raw. Are you starting a raw food diet? Or maybe you're just looking for great and delicious recipes? Let us help!


About The Show

Raw food is awesome and it's something we wanted to share. So we created this show called Starting Out Raw. Are you starting a raw food diet? Or maybe you're just looking for great and delicious recipes? Let us help!

It's an exciting time to start something like this. We want to help those who are just now discovering the amazing health benefits raw has to offer. But we also know that it's tricky starting out. You need new appliances, you have to learn unfamiliar recipes while using ingredients you may not have ever heard of before. It can feel overwhelming at first, so let us help. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates


I am so glad I found you guys! I am going on my 5th week raw. I am 40 and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and gained over 40 lbs this year. Both of my parents have/had cancer and diabetes and I lost my dad 12 years ago. I have made a commitment to myself to change for the better and start healing my body with raw foods. I am a wife, mom to a 15 yr old boy and a 12 year old girl, a student earning my Science Nutrition BS, a chef and I love to bake, so learning this new way of cooking AND eating is very different from what I am used to. I am looking for advice and ways to adapt to this new lifestyle change!

Thank you for telling your story and putting yourself out there for people like me!


Alyssa S


I love love love love love LOVE THIS CHANNEL. I love the intro song. I love the mother daughter dynamic which feels so much more real and genuine than other channels. I love the genuinely creative recipes shared (no false advertisement of simply sliced fruits substituting s.a.d. Ice cream sprinkles for example... instead, genuine innovation of living foods to reflect the taste and texture of pastime favorites). I'm sorry... I just get so excited every time I see a new post on the channel. Awesome energy. Quality recipes. I can't ask for more.

Moonie B.


Our Story

Our Story


Hi, I'm Debbie! 

My health issues really started back when I was 14, about to enter high school. I never was the skinny, cute girl, and I had an abusive father who made me feel ashamed for eating. It came to the point where I started to hide my eating and right before I entered ninth grade I became bulimic. In 1976 I left home to join the Army where I met my husband. Together we became vegetarians in 1980, which isn't to say we ate healthy food. I still ate a lot of dairy and sugar, two things I now know are detrimental to our health.   

I was still bulimic when I got pregnant with Kristy. We had become Christians a few years back and I started praying about it every day. I hated what I was doing and felt horrible about myself. After throwing up, I would just lay over the toilet and cry, asking God to help me. All I could say after awhile is "help," because I felt so guilty about asking for the same thing every day and not being able to overcome. 

Then I began to notice that my binges were becoming farther apart. Instead of 3 times a day, it became more sporadic, often going for a few days, then weeks, months, and then after two years, it was totally gone.  I was a few months into my pregnancy when I no longer binged and I've never had the desire since. I did a lot of damage to my digestive system and I often had severe pains in my abdomen which would worsen soon after eating or drinking. I finally went to a doctor, but all he told me at that time was that he hoped I had good insurance. Some help! I decided to take matters into my own hands and decided not to eat at night. My latest meal would be around 3:00pm. I did that for 3 years and my pains subsided. 

My health issues continued over the years, mostly joint pain and back pain. There were many days where I couldn't stand up because I was in too much pain. Every morning I would wake up feeling like a semi truck ran me over. Sometimes my body would feel like tiny pins were pricking me all over. It was tough to put clothes on and nobody could touch me! This went on for years until I began exercising and lifting some weights. I still had aches and pains, but not like before. Then in June 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very shocking, but that day I knew I would start eating vegan. I had wanted to before, but I always made excuses. That diagnosis was the means for starting me on a journey into the field of health. I felt I had to take control of my own health and I wanted to learn ways which would help prevent my cancer from returning.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer everything happened so fast. I had no time to search things out for myself, and I was still in shock. I just followed what the doctors told me to do. If I knew what I know now I would have done things differently. That's why it has become so important for me to share what I learn with others, so they don't have to go through the same things. I don't want others to wait until something horrible happens before they decide to change their diet. A healthy diet is a powerful way to prevent disease and cancer. I tell Kristy she's so fortunate to be where she is today at such a young age. 

At the time of my diagnosis my daughter had just graduated from college and decided to live at home to help me out. She also decided to eat vegan. She would cook our food, and I would cook my husband's food as he wasn't ready to change at that time. This worked really well until we moved to Lincoln and she moved out on her own. I guess I was spoiled, because now I had to cook for me and him. It's amazing how I grew up eating anything and everything, then had to learn how to cook vegetarian, and now vegan. 

During this time, I began reading a lot more on raw foods and soon felt impressed to eat more of them. The first half of my days I would eat raw and cooked food at night. Then one Sunday morning in March 2011, I was standing in the kitchen and it was like a voice in my head said, "Today is the day!" I knew exactly what it meant, so I got out my dehydrator which I hadn't used much, my raw cookbooks, and began learning how to eat all raw. For the first 3 months, I ate nothing but raw foods, and then I began to add some steamed vegies into my diet. This is how I have eaten since.

This has been my favorite way of eating. It has done wonders for my health. I feel better today than I ever have and have lots more energy than I did back in my twenties. I took up running and got Kristy to run with me. We have ran in several races here in town, and 3 years ago we ran our first half marathon. That's an accomplishment I only dreamed of before but never thought I could attain. 

Switching to raw I first noticed how my mind cleared. No more foggy brain syndrome. My aches and pains in my joints have disappeared. It's been amazing to watch. Filming a new show every week, having to find new and delicious recipes, has helped me in finding variety in what I eat. I never get bored. Raw foods have been a life saver for me and I am thrilled that I can help others enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle. That doesn't mean we are out to make everyone eat only raw foods. We're here to show people how easy it is to add some into their diets. I believe with all of my heart that the more raw foods you do add into your diet, the better off your health will be.

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Hey there, I’m Kristy Thurber.  I love football, exercising, shopping, reading, music, movies, HEALTH, shoes, running, and reading about all the aforementioned.  I wasn’t always interested in health and exercise.  I was forty pounds heavier in high school and college than I am now.  Dorm life, cafeteria eating, and late night study sessions didn’t help contribute to a healthy body.  I graduated from college in 2006 and went back home to look for a job and an apartment.  Less than a month after I got home, mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At that point, it made the most sense to stay at home, save money and help out around the house.  Mom decided that very day that she was going to stop eating all animal products.  We had always been vegetarian, but we sure could down the milk and cheese.  That was in June.  I didn’t convert to the dark side until September.  It just became easiest for me to make food for me and mom while she made food for dad.  We started meeting at the gym after work and had fun discovering the different health food stores around town.  As I look back now, we still ate dreadfully, but it was the best we knew.  Health is a journey, with slow but steady progress. 

Mom and I started running a lot more.  Once I committed to running, the weight dropped pretty quickly.  We ran 5k’s, 10k’s and even a half marathon.  But it wasn’t until I started eating clean (no processed foods, 5-6 meals a day, protein and carbs), that the final bit of weight finally dropped off.  Right about the same time, mom decided to go raw.  I’m not sure what made her decide that, but we haven’t looked back.  I would not consider myself raw, but probably about 50% of my food throughout the day is raw.  Plus, those raw desserts are just too divine not to make!  We’ve had fun with the process and seeing the changes in ourselves and the people around us.