Here are some great reasons why eating more raw foods is so beneficial!

  1. More energy. Your body will begin to feel lighter and cleaner when you put good, wholesome food into it.
  2. Don't need to count calories. You'll be more concerned about counting nutrients than calories.
  3. Lose weight. If you eat a clean, healthy raw diet, you will lose weight, get leaner and more fit.
  4. Digestive system will improve. This was huge for me as I destroyed so much of my digestive system from bulimia for 14 years.
  5. Eat more real food. I eat a greater variety of real food today than I ever have in my life!
  6. Skin becomes clearer. I have never had a good complexion my entire life and always used make up to cover it up. Since being raw for the last three years, my skin has improved tremendously and I no longer need the make up to cover up a bad complexion.
  7. Clarity of mind. This was the first thing I noticed after eating raw. I no longer got those "foggy brain" days. You'll be able to think more clearly which results in making better decisions. 
  8. Prevent sickness. Since being raw, I have not gotten sick and if I feel anything  trying to get a hold of me, I just use my oregano oil and it takes care of it right away! When your immune system is strong, even if you get sick, you'll recover a lot quicker.
  9. Getting rid of processed foods. This was huge for me as I still consumed a lot of processed and junk foods even when I was only eating vegan. When I decided to make most of my diet raw, I no longer needed or used processed foods.
  10. Feeling great about yourself! This is truly the best reason for me. I feel better today than I ever have in my life and I love who I am now. I am able to do more than I did back in my 20s and I just love the way I feel. I think when you can like who you are, it will make a difference in every aspect of your life.

Happy eating!