I was the lucky recipient of a hand-me-down dehydrator a few weeks ago and since then I have been having a blast.  I love banana chips and I make a batch of kale chips every week.  But I also love drying apples, and that is what I am writing this blog about today.  It is so easy and the results are amazing.  It is the perfect sweet treat without the guilt.  I spice mine up a bit, but I encourage you to find your own perfect dried apple recipe. 

You’ll need several apples.  I usually do four or five at a time. The apple variety does not matter too much.  Just keep in mind that if you go for a tarter apple like Granny Smith or Pink Ladies, when they are dried they will be a tart treat instead of a sweeter treat. 

All you have to do is core the apple and slice them up.  I have one of those apple corer things that cut the apple into eight pieces.  I leave the skin on (but I would take it off if they are not organic).  Then I cut each of these pieces into three slices. 


Squeeze one or two lemons into a bowl.  Dip each slice into the lemon juice and place on a dehydrator tray.  The lemon juice keeps the apple slices from browning up.



Mix one tablespoon coconut sugar (or whatever you have) and ½ tablespoon of cinnamon.  Sprinkle the mixture over the apple slices.  I have also seen recipes where they have mixed honey with the lemon juice and then just sprinkled cinnamon over the slices.  Either way would work.

dried apples IMG_0482.JPG

Place in the dehydrator at 115 degrees for 8-10 hours.  And then try not to eat them all before they come out (I have a hard time)!  Enjoy.

Love you guys,