Because this is the time of year where colds, flu, & sickness fall prey on us humans, we'll at Starting Out Raw, will be sharing in next week's video, ways in which we've been able to keep ourselves from getting sick. But today, I found this video, which I thought I'd share with you, as one tool you might use when you feel congestion or pressure in your sinuses. This video shows you how to perform a facial lymphatic drainage massage on yourself. It's simple, yet effective and only takes a few minutes to do. I think I'll try and make this a daily ritual, just to keep the drainage system moving in the right direction! It can actually be done numerous times a day supporting the whole lymphatic system.

Benefits of Facial Lymphatic Drainage:

  • Helps flush toxins from your body

  • Helps relieve pressure of the sinuses by draining fluid

  • Reduces fluid retention in the face

  • Can shorten the duration of a cold

To see the list of contraindications, go to Heather’s website,