Last night, I tried making some mounds like candy bars, but after tasting one, I nearly spit it out! Bitter, bitter, bitter!!!! I knew I wouldn't eat them, so today, I got a little creative and decided not to throw them away, but instead, melt them all in a double boiler, add some raw caramel sauce I had left over, toss in some more sweetener and stick them in a silicone candy mold.Ta da! Now, I have some candy that tastes great and I didn't waste food or money! Usually,  when I make foods that don't turn out the way I like, I give them to my dogs! But this time, the food had cacao in them, which I never let them eat, unless some drops to the floor and they devour it before I can get it! So next time you make something you don't like, try seeing if there is a way to salvage it before you throw it away! Have a great weekend!

Debbie Thurber