The other day I was intrigued with a caption that read, "The Miracle Drink." The curious person that  am, I clicked on the link which took me to the sight. The health claims of  this one drink  was incredible, to say the least. One man wrote about how he drank this every day for a few weeks, and it cured his cancer. The nutrients in this drink apparently will change the nature of the cancer cells. Having had cancer before, I am always looking for information about ways to help fight my cancer from returning. When I saw the ingredients in this drink, I was surprised because of it's simplicity, and also, how delicious the combination of these foods were together. I thought I'd share it with you because it is quite tasty; especially over a glass of crushed ice! Even if you don't like beets, you should try this juice. I don't know if this drink will do everything it claims to do, but you will get a wonderful nutritious drink from it. I think I'll drink it for a few weeks and see if it doesn't improve my overall health. I've already been feeling energy surges. Maybe that's why I have felt so energetic the last few nights, that I can't seem to sleep. My mind just goes and goes, but lots of good ideas are coming from it. My brain seems to be in overdrive! Anyways, here's drinking to your health.



1 beet

1 carrot

1 apple, cored

Juice all ingredients through your juicer and fill your glass with some crushed ice if you like.  I usually peel my beet so it's easier on my juicer. I also peel my carrot, even though you don't need to if it's organic, but I just like the taste better when it's peeled.