Kristy’s Week Two:

I am on week two of all raw and it’s been going very well!  I haven’t had any issues so far and I’ve lost a little over two pounds (yay!).  I decided to take this week more on a day to day basis.  I was pretty stocked up on nuts, seeds and most vegetables and fruit.  I made some of our orange cranberry scones on Sunday (so good!).  I also had some of mom’s berry bars she had given me.  So I was set for snacks until Friday.  Most nights I had a protein smoothie after the gym.  Tonight I had some spinach soup with zucchini noodles topped with pecans.  And I’m planning on making a lot of stuff this weekend when I get some time.  I’m going to make some of our beet burgers, some granola, apple tarts and anything else I can think of.  I’ll be ready for week three for sure.

Debbie's Week Two:

Week two of SuperCharge January has come and gone with flying success! Kristy and I have both felt numerous benefits from this cleanse and we both feel great. Not only have we seen benefits in the way we feel, but our stamina in exercise has definitely improved. Kristy is even talking to me about running another half marathon! That tells me a lot about how she's feeling. I personally have loved eating this simple, raw, vegan way. I don't think I'm gong to be able to go back to eating any cooked foods at this point because I am enjoying the way my body is responding to 100% raw foods. I've been totally raw before, but I'm eating better this time around by adding in more salads and juices,; leaving out almost all sugars except for our date syrup and fruit. With that said, this week's recipe is another great, simple dessert that  we think you'll love!

Raspberry Shortbread Bars


1c coconut

1/2c cashews

1/4c date syrup

1/4t sea salt

1t vanilla

Process all ingredients in food processor and combine until everything sticks together. Take 1/4cup of dough out for topping. Place rest of dough in 5x7 pan and pat down into a crust.

Raspberry Sauce:

1c raspberries (fresh or frozen, but defrost)

3T date syrup

1t vanilla

2T chia seeds

Blend raspberries with date syrup and vanilla in your blender until smooth. Transfer to a small mixing bowl and add in chia seeds. Let sit for about 10 minutes or so to let it thicken up. This will make more sauce than what you'll need for the crust so you can make a double batch of the crust if you want. I use the raspberry sauce for different things and it also makes a for a great jam. You can sprinkle some unsweetened coconut shreds over the top of the raspberry sauce with some chopped pecans. Now, take the 1/4 cup of shortbread that you saved and crumble it across the top. Slightly press down with the back of a spoon or your hand. We also drizzled some of the vanilla cream we used in our crepe recipe over the top of this. Place in refrigerator until set. Store leftovers in refrigerator.