It's getting closer to our launch time of January 6th when we begin super charging our bodies! I'm so excited and I've been working on some recipes before we actually begin; trying to make simple recipes using only a few ingredients. We hope you'll join us on our journey, even if it's only getting some great ideas for recipes. We want this to be real and honest, so you'll hear from both Kristy and I about our daily experiences. Kristy has committed to the first week so she'll share her ups and downs with you. I'm really hoping she'll continue through the whole month, but that's entirely up to her! The breakdown of our detox for the month will be as follows:

First Week: This will be our cleansing week using fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some of the superfoods we like ( chia, maca, and lucuma). As we talked about in this week's video, we'll be using the date syrup we showed you how to make, so all of the recipes this month will be using that as a sweetener. Even though raw cacao is considered a superfood, I'm leaving it out this month because it is so bitter and will only require more sweetening. I'm trying to get away from so many sweets, even though they are raw. So, we'll probably be doing a lot of juicing, blending, and raw salads, but I want to come up with some recipes that are unique, satisfying, not overly sweet, and fun to eat. You may see some strange recipes this month like "Beet Granola." I know it sounds awful, but I've been working on it and it's really not bad at all. But that will have to come later; after the first week.

Second Week: I will be adding some coconut oil and sprouted buckwheat to my daily menu. Coconut oil is great for detox and has shown to help people lose weight. I will not use a lot of it at once, just enough for some different recipes. I will probably still use some psyllium husks when I try to make any breads. I've been working on one using juice pulp since we're juicing so much this month! It 's really quite tasty, using just a few ingredients. Recipe will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

I will probably follow this plan throughout the rest of the month since I'm eliminating all cooked foods, flours, oats, chocolate, alternative sugars, and all grains except for sprouted buckwheat. I want my diet to be pretty simple and see how my body responds. I'm also excited to try and create recipes using only these ingredients.

              Apple Caramel Tart

            Apple Caramel Tart

So for the first week, I've come up with this recipe (but you won't get the recipe until next week's video), to help with those dessert cravings. I've made it several times, tweaking it to fit my plan and it's quite simple; yet very tasty. So follow us on our journey and let's get ready for Supercharge January!