A few weeks ago, I was making a spinach dip and wanted some green chips to go with it. So I started looking around for ideas and saw a recipe from Rawmazing that inspired me to create this one. I'm going to tell you, these are so addicting! I can't seem to get enough of them but I do try to control myself when eating them. I took some to a Super Bowl Party yesterday and had some of my non-raw food friends try them and every one of them said they were fabulous. I was so happy!

I use the dehydrator for these and they turn out amazing. I've tried this recipe several times and I like them the best at a higher temperature in the dehydrator. They actually work best at 145 degrees but if you want to keep it at a lower temperature, they work great also. It just takes a bit longer and they don't seem to get as light and crunchy as I like them. You can start them at 145 degrees for about 45 minutes, and then score them, turn down to 115 degrees until they are super crunchy or keep them at 145 degrees. You want them crunchy enough, so when you take them out, they won't get soft. When I keep them at 145 degrees, I will make them in the evening and keep them in the dehydrator all night. By late morning, they are done! It does depend, though, on how thick or thin you make your chips. I like mine thinner and lighter.

Corny Kale Tortilla Chips

Recipe adapted from: Rawmazing

4 cups corn

2 cups chopped kale, packed

1/4 cup packed cilantro

1/2 lime, juiced (if they are small, you might want to juice the whole lime)

1/2 cup ground flax (I used golden flax)

1 clove garlic

2t onion powder

1t garlic powder

2t sea salt

1t crushed red pepper flakes (this makes them a little spicy)

Coarse sea salt for topping


Place kale and cilantro in your food processor and process until little pieces. Add in corn and process until corn is more pureed. Add in flax, spices and lime juice and blend well. Place batter in a mixing bowl. I use parchment lined mesh dehydrator sheets for these. If you want triangles, make circles and score them like you would a pizza or you can lay out the batter and fill the whole tray and score into strips. You want these fairly thin. I like to sprinkle some coarse sea salt on top of the batter. Dehydrate for about 45 minutes to one hour at 145 degrees. Score into triangles or strips. You can keep it at 145 degrees or turn down to 115 degrees until crisp and dry. The time will vary depending on how thin you make your chips and the temperature of your dehydrator. I store these in large glass jars.