On April 4, 2014, we had our first live interview with our local news network here in Lincoln. What an exciting time that was for us and such an awesome experience. Sharing our stories is very important to us as we feel our personal testimonies can help and encourage others who may be struggling with health issues. So, when the opportunity came with 1011 News, we didn't hesitate in doing this interview, although it was kind of scary! But, Lance (who did the interview) made it so relaxing and fun for us. We had such a blast and are so thankful for the opportunity. I just watched the video again for the second time and thoroughly enjoyed it, so we thought we'd post it again in case you missed it. But even if you watched it once, you still might enjoy seeing it again. Sometimes we continually need inspiration to keep going; especially when it comes to our health.

Click on the link to watch our interview: