Our experiment with gray hair is off and running! Kristy and I continue to use black sesame seeds daily in our foods and drinks. We thought we'd share some ideas on how to make it easier to get these precious seeds into your diet. The benefits are too great not to use them.

  • We have found grinding some of the seeds into a powder and storing them in the refrigerator or freezer is an easy way to have them available at all times. Also, having the seeds in a powder form might make them easier to digest.
  • We have read that if you use 1 teaspoon of black sesame seeds a day, you should start to see changes after three months. We have been doing this experiment for almost three weeks now, so we have a long ways to go! This is for the long term, so we have to be patient. We're also anxious to see if any other changes come our way by eating these seeds daily (like better skin).
  • We have been taking some of our older recipes and just adding in the black sesame seeds. For instance, I have made chocolate chip scones, cinnamon raisin muffins, smoothies, breakfast patties and corn cakes and just added in additional seeds. You will not notice much difference at all in taste and texture.
  • One food I like to make several times a week is our "Superfood Smoothie." This drink does wonders for my body and gives me an energy that is so good! I've started adding in 1/2Tablespoon of black sesame seeds to this drink and which gives me more than my quota for the day. Some days I like to change it up a bit by adding in a full banana and skipping the honey and cacao. It's sweet enough for me so I don't always need the extra sweetener. Here's the link to a blog post we did awhile ago on this powerful drink:

Kristy and I have also been keeping up with our running although it's been mighty cold here for spring. We finally had some decent, warm weather to run outdoors lately. I'm terrible when it comes to running in the cold. I'm still a California girl at heart when it comes to weather. I do much better in a warmer climate. If you like to run but can't always get outdoors, I found this sight which has helped me so much with my running. I have a treadmill, so this works perfectly and I like doing intervals. I have found this really does increase my strength in so many different ways. I still like doing this once a week for a great workout. This sight gives you several choices and you can make them your own. Like me, I can't always run on a high incline, so I adjust it to my level and begin to work my way up. I like to challenge myself though, because I have watched too many people remain at the same level over a long period of time in their exercise routines. They wonder why they don't see changes in their bodies. If I'm going to work out, I'd better be seeing changes in my body!!!! Take a look and maybe it can give you some ideas for upping your workouts:

Hope these tips and ideas are helpful. Next blog post we'll share some sights geared more for circuit training and intervals using your own body weight or regular weights. Kristy and I quit the gym (to save money) and now we have to make up our own workouts outside of running. We'll be giving you some tips and some programs we like. Even after a run, we'll do three sets of a workout that we have created ourselves. Actually, it's been quite fun coming up with workouts of our own. I think we make them harder than what we were doing in the gym. Until next time!