It's been a summer of moving this year for our family. After we moved June 1, we moved Kristy and my husband's mother at the end of June, and now over the last couple of weeks; our son. I'm so ready to be done and that's why it's taken awhile to get our video up as his computer has been unavailable. Also, during this time, I was hired by our local public schools as a para educator working with special education in one of our elementary schools. I'm really excited and start this week so it's been a busy and chaotic time for me. I'll be glad to get my life settled again.

This week we wanted to start sharing some transitional recipes for people who are just beginning to explore raw foods. We're still using the same raw ingredients, but using an oven, or for this recipe, a steamer. Most people don't have dehydrators, so this is a great way to be able to make mostly raw recipes using appliances that people do have. It's kind of sad to me that people won't try raw recipes because they don't have the appliances. For the next few weeks, we're going to try some different recipes for this transitional phase. Our last recipe, "Oatmeal Patties", was a start as we made these delicious patties using an oven. I make these a lot as they are so easy and quite tasty. I still like to use a warm temperature, door open, and highest rack so they don't over cook.

This week we're making a chocolate cake with caramel, pecans, and chocolate chips in the middle. You only need a steamer and it takes about 20 minutes to be done! This is a great, simple snack and so yummy; especially after you take it out of the steamer and eat it while it's still gooey. Yum! You can certainly make it plain or add anything else in the middle you want. We made a raw caramel sauce and I used raw chocolate chips. I store them in the refrigerator and if you want to warm it up some, just stick it in the oven for a little bit. Enjoy!

Chocolate Gooey Cake

Serves 2


1 banana

1/3 cup non dairy milk

1/3 cup oat flour

1/2t vanilla

1/4t cinnamon

1/4t sea salt

1T cacao powder

2t coconut nectar

2T psyliium husks

Process all ingredients except psyllium husks in food processor. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add in psyllium husks.


1/4 cup coconut oil

half of 1/3 cup of raw almond butter

1/4 cup date syrup

1t lucuma (opt)

1t vanilla

pinch of sea salt

Melt all ingredients in a double boiler until smooth.

Chocolate Chips

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

1 1/2T cacao powder

1T carob powder

1/4t vanilla stevia

pinch of sea salt

Mix until smooth. Pour in pan and freeze. Cut into chocolate chips and store in freezer.

Date Syrup

Makes about 1- 1 1/2 cups. You can use this as a sweetener for other recipes.

1 cup pitted dates (we use Medjool)

3/4-1 cup water (I use 3/4 cup)

1/4t stevia powder

Blend all ingredients in high speed blender. Store in refrigerator.


I like to heat my steamer on high while I prepare my cake. Once the water boils, turn down to medium heat.

In a ramaken or small dish, pour cake batter for the first layer, add caramel, pecans, and chocolate chips for second layer, and then top off with cake batter. I like to add chocolate chips to the top so they will melt into the cake. Make sure not to fill it completely to the top or it will overflow in the steamer. Place your dish in the steamer, put on the lid, and steam for about 20 minutes (mine will hold 2). Take out and let them cool some. You can eat the cake right away, or store in the refrigerator. It will firm up once it's cold. If you want to warm it up, just place your dish in the oven for a little bit until warm. Enjoy!