A few weeks ago, I was asked to write an article about my journey to health. It was just published yesterday, so I thought I'd share it with you as I pray that my experiences can help others who struggle with various health issues.

I was also surprised to find my picture featured on the cover of Raw Food Magazine for this month and a short success story about me in their magazine. Thought I'd share that with you too!

I struggled for many years with my health before I was able to finally find a lifestyle that fit me really well. It took getting cancer to radically change me. I want to share my story because I don't want you to wait until you get a diagnosis that can be life threatening before you change the way you eat and live. I hope that you will take heed to your body and start a health journey of your own if you haven't already. People don't realize how amazing they can feel because they have never felt it before. I'm telling you; you can feel amazing and live a happy and fulfilled life. Health is everything; when you lose your health, you lose too much.

Here's the link to the article:

 Featured on the cover of Raw Food Magazine

Featured on the cover of Raw Food Magazine