So one of my treat meals is the Indian food at Whole Foods.  Last time I was there, I grabbed a drink to enhance my treat meal and it happened to be a Pineapple, Coconut, Nutmeg soda.  I also happen to love all three of those flavors.  The drink was fabulous tasting.  Later I started thinking that those flavors would make a great smoothie.  I've been trying to find ways to make my smoothies a full meal instead of a few hundred calories that leave me famished.  I work out in the mornings and I am just starved all day (which is why I eat six meals).  So, I added oats, a serving of protein powder and a banana and a half to give it all some substance.  And it worked.  I was full for about three hours, which for me is awesome.  You could use this recipe for a meal or consider it two servings and save the rest for later.  A trick I learned from Rachel Ray (I've spent many a Sunday morning watching Rachel Ray shows with my grandmother), is to use whole nutmeg and grate it yourself.  You can not believe the difference.  I would highly recommend it.  And of course, Rachel Ray used her nutmeg every time she cooked greens (which is also very good)!  I hope you like the smoothie!  My summers are just not complete without a smoothie on the menu.



1-2 servings

3/4c non dairy milk, unsweetened or coconut water

1/3c regular oats

1 serving vanilla or plain protein powder

1/8t vanilla

1/8t coconut extract or 1/2t coconut butter

1/8t fresh nutmeg (we ground ours right into the smoothie)

1c pineapple, fresh or frozen

1 1/2 frozen bananas


Place all ingredients except for fruit and blend until well mixed. Last, add in fruit and blend until smooth. Enjoy!