In today's chat, we'll be discussing a question one of our viewers asked. During the month of January, we did a total raw food cleanse and since Kristy is gone from 7:00am-7:00pm during the week days, she wanted to know what foods Kristy brought with her during the day and how did she keep them and/or store them. We also talk about exercising and our plan for this coming year, since Kristy had so much energy from our cleanse, she decided to sign us up for a half marathon this fall! I told her she better stay with the raw foods if she's going to keep up the energy to run 13 miles. So, over the next several months, we'll be discussing and sharing posts, recipes, and tips from our experience. We ran a half marathon 3 years ago but were not prepared for it. We're wanting this to be a better experience for us and this time it will be with eating raw foods. I'm anxious to see the difference in our training and endurance levels. We'll let you know the ups and downs of our experience so we hope you'll keep us accountable! The thing I'm working on (Debbie) is learning how to flush out the lactic acid that builds up in my body when I run longer distances. Taking a break from running over the last year or so, I haven't run much; instead I've been participating in other exercise programs with Kristy. So now, it's getting those old running shoes out and beginning our journey to the half. I'll be almost 59 and Kristy will be 30 when we run this race, so this is one of those bucket lists goals we'd like to complete with a smile on our face! Enjoy the video!