Myth #1: You need to eat 100% raw foods and nothing else in order to get the benefits of the raw food diet.

While many people adhere to this myth, the average person eating a standard diet of highly processed foods will benefit from just adding some fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet. You can easily switch out some meals with raw foods. If you really want the health benefits of a raw food diet, 90-95% of your foods should be raw. When I first started learning more about raw foods and their health benefits, I would eat all raw foods during the day and have my cooked meal in the evening. After awhile, I craved more raw foods and was able to make most of my diet raw. My body actually functions better with raw foods so I try and keep up a large percentage of my diet in the raw food category.  You don’t need to eat 100% raw for all its health benefits but the more raw foods you get into your diet, the healthier your body will be.

So what do you think? Are you 100% raw? Let us know in the comments!

Myth #2: The raw vegan diet consists of only raw fruits and vegetables.  

We started our show to help people discover the wide variety of raw foods that are available to eat. You can create so many raw foods that use nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, fermented foods and many other ingredients that are extremely healthy and will give you so many health benefits. For instance you can make green smoothies, raw meatballs, raw desserts where you won’t have to feel guilty eating, salads, crackers, chips, and many more foods so you don’t have to feel deprived.

Myth #3: You will have to eat all your meals at home when on the raw food diet.

More and more restaurants are popping up all over the country that are healthier options. If you are eating 100% raw, it will be more challenging but not impossible to eat out.  I like to eat where I can get good salads or a salad bar and bring my own salad dressing. If you eat mostly raw but eat some cooked meals, there are many healthier options out there today.  Sometimes I bring some of my own food to go with whatever I might eat at a restaurant. You want your time with others to be an enjoyable one, so make sure you go where you’ll be able to enjoy also.