We decided to remake our fudge brownie video because we've had some comments on the original video of not being able to see the food being prepared. Since we have a better camera and we just added an additional camera to focus on close ups of the food, we thought we'd re-do the video. Same recipe; maybe some additional information, as we've learned a few things with this recipe over the last year since making it the first time.

The frosting will make more than the brownies call for, so you can double the brownie recipe or make half of the frosting. If you cut the frosting in half, make sure your blender will be able to blend all the ingredients to a smooth consistency. We usually just keep the extra and use it for other foods or for our next batch of brownies! It freezes well.

If you want thicker brownies, use a smaller pan. Sometimes,  I like to use a larger pan (8x8) for thinner brownies that I can cut up in chunks and put in my raw milkshake making a brownie blizzard. Yum!

Soaking the cashews and dates will help get a smoother consistency in both the brownies and frosting. If your dates are too hard, you will wind up with larger chunks of dates in the brownies. Soaking the cashews overnight will just give the frosting a creamier consistency.

These brownies need to be kept in the freezer. They don't need to thaw out very much to eat them. If the frosting seems a little hard to cut through, thaw out for a few minutes. Shouldn't take too long. It's like eating brownies and ice cream. Can't go wrong with that!

Fudge Brownies with Cashew Cream Frosting:

(Recipe adapted from: (rinutritionhousecalls)


1 cup walnuts

1 cup dates, soaked until soft (we use Medjool)

1/4 cup cacao powder

1t vanilla

pinch of sea salt

Process walnuts in food processor until fine crumbles. Add rest of ingredients and process until dough comes together. Place in glass pan (size will depend on thickness you want). An 8x8 pan will make pretty thin brownies. Now make your frosting.

Cashew Cream Frosting:

1 cup cashews, soaked at least 2 hours or overnight

1 cup coconut milk or non-dairy milk ( we make our own coconut milk by adding 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut to 1 1/2 cups water in blender. Blend until smooth and drain.) The kind of milk you use will make a difference in the flavor.

1/2 cup dates, soaked until soft (we used Medjool dates)

1t vanilla

pinch of sea salt

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth.


Spread desired amount of frosting on top of your brownies. Place in freezer. These brownies need to be kept in the freezer and can be eaten as is or thawed out for a few minutes if the frosting seems a bit hard to cut through. Shouldn't take too long. Eat and enjoy!